Tube settler self-assembly kit – easy assembly on site

All tube settler module designs for particle separation have one thing in common: Assembled blocks consist to more than 90% of air. Therefore, depending on the distance between place of fabrication and place of installation, freight costs can be a big cost factor. For example a 54ft truck has a loading capacity of about 3,500ft3. However, by shipping assembled tube settlers only about 10% of this capacity is actually used.

Most tube settler designs consist of corrugated foils that require expensive and large welding or gluing machines that have to be operated by an experienced field technician. Consequently on site assembly is no option except the project requires several thousand ft3 tube settler material.

However, AET LLC offers a tube settler design that allows easy on-site assembly even for small projects. Instead of using corrugated foils their tube settlers are made of extruded profiles. Each profile comes with a tongue and groove system so that single profiles can just be slide into each other.  Afterwards the connection rails are point welded with a soldering iron to fix everything permanently. AETs tube settler self assembly kit includes cut to size profiles, all required welding equipment and assembly instructions.

AET tube settlers do not require any expensive and large welding machines and they facilitate up to 90% of available loading space. This means they save 80 to 90% freight costs compared to corrugated sheet designs. Therefore, AET tube settlers are very cost competitive especially for smaller and midsize projects.

However, tube settler on-site assembly has another important advantage. Corrugated sheet tube settlers are delivered in the ordered block dimensions. If the tube settler basin dimensions are slightly out of tolerance the tube settler blocks will not fit. Instead, with on site assembly tube settlers can be assembled simultaneously with their installation so that intolerances can be corrected easily. Finally, self- and onsite assembly allows the customer to store tube settler profiles which might save cost and delivery time.