Activated sludge process and IFAS – Design rules + guideline

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Activated sludge is worldwide the most used suspended growth process in wastewater treatment. The treatment process can include different steps, but most commonly are:   Screening and grit removal to filter out debris Primary clarifier for particle sedimentation Biological treatment with activated sludge consisting of an aeration basin, secondary clarifier and recycle stream Disinfection for […]

Fixed bed bio reactor (FBBR) – Poultry processing plant

Situation: The Hurlock, MD poultry plant processes about 300,000 chickens per day which equals a total flow of 1.3MGD (4 gallons per bird). The existing process strain included a DAF unit and wet well. The effluent wastewater of the DAF unit was 530mg/l BOD, 95mg/l TKN and 106mg/l TSS. However the discharge permit is 425mg/l […]