Biofilm Wastewater

FBBR & Trickling Filter Tanks

AET provides standalone, modular fixed bed reactor units consisting of fill media packs, support structure, aeration, inlet/outlet and tank. The tanks are available in round or rectangular shapes as well as stainless steel, FRP or PE material. If required, we can also supply blowers and controls.
AET FBBR/IFAS standalone tanks are available in various sizes and can be connected in series or in parallel to match flow requirements. The treatment capacity is about 20 – 40g/m2/day (0.08 to 0.16lbs/10ft2/day) BOD removal or 1 to 1.5g/m2/day (0.002 to 0.003lbs/10ft2/day) ammonia removal. AET FBBR/IFAT standalone tanks are a good fit for industrial applications with limited space. Also, the tank design is optimized for truck and container shipping.
For larger applications and for outside installation AET also provides 20ft and 40ft container tanks. The container tanks can be configured as trickling filters as well as fixed bed reactors with the option of integrated clarifier tanks, controls, blowers and other equipment.

FBBR & Trickling Filter Tanks Specifications