Biofilm Wastewater

Fixed Bed Reactor

Fill media packs in biofilm attached growth applications need a support and restraint system. On the one hand, this system must provide enough strength to hold the fill media in position regardless of occurring water and air turbulence. Not only that, but the system must withstand high loadings due to the weight of fill media and Biofilm growth on the fill media surface. On the other hand, the package system must allow even air and water distribution without blocking any of the fill media channel openings.
AET provides engineering consulting and product systems for fixed bed reactor and trickling filter support and restrain structures. Also, in cooperation with Jaeger aeration we supply turnkey solutions including aeration equipment, piping, controls and other components.

Articles & Literature

Biological processes in wastewater treatment can be classified into two main categories: suspended growth and attached growth/ biofilm processes. In suspended growth processes the microorganisms responsible for wastewater treatment are maintained in liquid suspension by appropriate mixing and aeration…

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