Biofilm Wastewater

Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor

Trickling filters are biological reactors within wastewater treatment plants which are used to remove organic matter and/or ammonia from wastewater. Compared to the activated sludge process the microorganisms are not suspended in the mixed liquor but they are attached to a fixed bed surface.
Rotary distributors are required to equally spray incoming wastewater over the fixed bed media layers. As better wastewater is distributed throughout the fill media layers as higher is the overall performance of the trickling filter.
AET provides both hydraulically and motor driven rotary distributors with two, three or four arm designs. Customized nozzles maintain an equal flow and wetting rate throughout the entire trickling filter tower. AET rotary distributors are available in galvanized or stainless steel.

Articles & Literature

Biological processes in wastewater treatment can be classified into two main categories: suspended growth and attached growth/ biofilm processes. In suspended growth processes the microorganisms responsible for wastewater treatment are maintained in liquid suspension by appropriate mixing and aeration…

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